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The Process


Our process’s core features are based on Agile Principles to provide clients with more control & visibility over the project lifecycle.

Those features are:

Agile activities to narrow down Product features, mockups, vision & scope.

Small iterations focused on deliver software quickly with incremental business value.

Constant refinement and prioritization of backlog items with stakeholders.

Changes are seen as common and part of the process.

High visibility and transparency on our activities and iterations.

Efficient & direct communication with stakeholders & clients.

State-of-the-art tools for graphic asset management & collaboration. We are avid users of Sketch, Zeplin, YouTrack, Slack, Confluence & Bitbucket.

Time & Materials pricing model for medium to large-sized projects.

Fixed Price pricing model for small projects (up to 6 weeks MVPs).

The Crafting at a Glance

In summary, we can have three Epic entry points:

I just want a small project (MVP) to validate my idea and get investors: We focus on a single-sprint project with a clear scope & price, with basic design & features between 3 and 6 weeks.

I have a large roadmap and i need to react to technology trends and changes: Agile Continuous Development is the right thing for you. Continue reading to “The Crafting at Large”.

I already have an app but it isn’t ready for the last OSs & Devices with maybe just occasional bug fixing and OS Upgrades: We can perform an assessment to see what you have and what must be done to put your App up-to-date. We offer Agile Continuous Maintenance to keep your app bug-free and working with the latests OSs.

The Crafting at Large

Our entire project lifecycle features several entry points. Each entry point is focused on adding business value. When deciding where you should start, think about the following scenarios:

Warming up:

I need to get a feeling about this guys & their process: Meet Us.
I have a project idea & concept, but have no business plan & have little information about the market & trends: Discovery.
I have my App requirements and I want a raw estimate about how long my project could take so I can decide which features to focus on: Exploration.
I have a complete graphic design of my idea and I want an estimation about my project and a product backlog: Exploration.
I have a SCRUM Product Backlog with prioritized items and have mockups on how i want the user interface but I have no Development-Ready Graphics & Screens: Design.

Ok, we are ready to code:

Just need a small project to validate my idea with a working & clean user interface and a basic graphic design: MVP Development with Fixed Price.
I have everything, but the requirements will evolve over time and I want to be involved on each iteration. I need to add value incrementally to my App: Agile Continuous Development.
My App is kind of stable, I’m satisfied with the current set of features and just need to keep up with bugs and OSs updates: Agile Continuous Maintenance ensures your App keeps working in the long run.

The Lifecycle


Meet us

Get to know us!. We are entrepreneurs who embrace their inner geeks and have a passion for technology. We can have a Skype call to see what can we do for you, or we can make a personal visit in one of our locations (subject to availability).



We can validate your idea, help you foresee risks and define the scope of your project. Typical activities performed on this stage:

Factibility Analysis
Product Vision: Narrow down your What, How & Why.
Target Groups: Identify typical users in a diffusion of innovation curve.
Risks: Identify risks and plan accordingly.
Compliance: Standards & third parties compliance revision.



We will narrow down your requirements to be more close to a development-ready state and make a draft of the user interface & interactions.

Ballpark estimation for your idea.
General User Stories Refinement.
UI Mockups.



The user interface and graphic appearance of your App is the most influential component in the App’s complexity. So it is very important to have a clear understanding and have the complete graphical assets needed (for the first couple iterations) in order to Code efficiently and deliver quickly. For later iterations, it can be done in parallel to coding activities.

Graphic Design of the Look and feel of the App. Style Guide elaboration.
Layout & Assets. Usually in a development-ready state using Sketch & Zeplin.



It can be looked as an independent stage (for small projects at a fixed price) or as a part of a Continuous Agile Development, where the most important and minimum requirements are developed to ensure a quick presence in the market and app stores.

Small development iteration between 3 and 6 weeks.
Code submission to client’s Git repository.
Appstore/Playstore submission.


Agile Continuous Development

Keep adding incremental value to your App through small iterations, maintaining a high visibility with an evolving set of requirements & new features. React quickly to market & technology changes. This stage takes advantage of a complete SCRUM Team at your disposal (even with 1 developer) to ensure the highest quality in your product, the quickest possible.


Agile Continuous Maintenance

Keep your App running with the following activities:

OS Updates & new devices support.
Active Bug fixing: We automate bug collection & severity reporting through fabric development platform.
Performance Improvements.