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Agile Development

We offer three Epic entry points and approaches in development:
MVP Development. Low cost Fixed Price model for small projects of up to 6 weeks. May have a basic graphic design done by us with a clean user interface and experience.
Agile Continuous Development. Biweekly sprints of prioritized backlog items, with evolving requirements and high-visibility on the work being done with an affordable Time & Materials pricing schema.
Software Maintenance. Keep your systems up and running with active bug fixing (we use fabric development platform) and OS updates.

This entry points could be done in the following three tiers:
Mobile App. From a small application to a large scale enterprise we got you covered. We have extensive experience in advanced contend distribution, data synchronization and will help you achieve a great User Experience.
Mobile App + API. Moderns applications relies on data that resides remotely on a server and on data bases (The back-end). The Application Program Interface (API) is the set of protocols and subroutines that extracts(and/or receives) that data and present it to the mobile applications. If you have an existing back-end and no API, we can help you.
Mobile App + API + Back-end. We provide the complete suite of systems to ensure your mobile business is up & running. Some rich web interfaces (front-end) may be tossed in the pan for extra awesomeness.



Mobile Technologies Coaching. For development teams that need guidance about doing the right thing or implementing the right architecture or approach.
Agile Management: CSPO, CSM. We can provide with certified levels of agile management roles: Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master from basic consultations to on-site (not available in all regions) agile management.
Team Evaluation Framework. Learn how to measure and quantify your Agile Team’s work to distribute incentives based on performance and achievements.



Development Team Training. Intensive mobile development training for developers to learn the basics about coding for iOS and Android devices.
Best practices in coding mobile apps. Every Team needs to follow best practices to be efficient, facilitate collaboration and produce easy to maintain code. Our code-review activities may help you achieve this goal.
Agile practices in development teams. Learn the ropes of Agile Practices. We can help you transition training your Product Owners and Scrum Masters. SCRUM introductory key-notes available on selected locations.



Nearshore Partner for the Americas. Take advantage of a highly-trained development team with similar timezone and culture.
White-box development. Ideal for agencies that want to capitalize an idea to multiple clients.
Software Maintenance. Keep your systems up and running with active bug fixing (we use fabric development platform) and OS updates.
Coding Heroes Outsourcing. Leverage your development activities to our Team, so you can focus on your business.
Software Licensing. When a client evolves into a partner, we become part of the business, so we can take our commitment to the next level. Some development-related costs can be waived with a licensing/leasing agreement, forging a win-win long lasting relationship.