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Building your entire mobile business, developing apps, APIs and back-end services.|Keeping your software up to date, minimizing risks from OS updates and new devices.|Taking advantage of market changes and trends by welcoming changes in every stage of development.

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We help startups reinvent the vending machine logistics



We help companies build systems for people to learn new languages on the go



We help companies build education apps over the same reusable framework

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Digitalica has done a spectacular job developing Parlevel mobile apps. They don’t only offer world class mobile development that balances speed and great quality, but they definitely go beyond by becoming fully immerse in the projects they take on. Great Communication and great understanding of how a system is built and connected are the key elements that make Digitalica the perfect development partner.

It is undeniable their platform is solid.

The Digitalica's team was amazing incorporating themselves into Akdemia's workflow. They added immense value and leveled up our developers in so that we may continue developing our apps with a solid foundation.

Digitalica helped us transform our ideas into a tangible product, improving the user experience by allowing customization of the App, maintaining our dreamed functionalities and increasing the App performance.

How we craft...

The Crafters

Andrés Vidal

Director / Software Engineer

Andrés is a creative and inspired manager and software developer, specialized in mobile apps and user experience to the finest detail.

Chi Wang Zhong Fang

COO / Software Engineer

Chi is an insightful software engineer, mobile developer and perfectionist. A master of obscure software crafting arts and a board games addict, he is still waiting for someone to beat him in Mario Kart

Luis Augusto Peña Pereira

New Business Strategist

Luis is a visionary software architect and agile coach, focused on high scalability and distributed systems. Full time super geek dad; sometimes he can be seen crafting better worlds and complex contraptions in Minecraft

Susana Charara

Susana Charara

Software Engineer
Jose Miguel Ruiz de Eguino

Jose Miguel Ruiz

Senior UX/UI Designer
Gabriela Martinez

Gabriela Martinez

Mobile Ux Consultant
Ivana Rivas

Ivana Rivas

Database & Backend Consultant
Daniel Franklin

Daniel Franklin

Android Developer
Aileen Moreno

Aileen Moreno

iOS Developer
Luis Esparragoza

Luis Esparragoza

iOS Developer
Juan Lovera

Juan Lovera

iOS Developer

Why craft with us

We embrace our Inner Geek, we are gamers, outside the box thinkers!

We enforce

Transparency, Visibility & Communication
in our work using the best available tools.

We think

and react accordingly.

We love

and disruptive technologies.

We have

The Best
hardware, tools, methods, coding & agile practices.

We constantly

Research & Innovate
to improve ourselves and our work.

We provide

World-Class Quality
to our work through Discipline & Teamwork.

We deliver

Software Quickly
focusing on shorter timescales.

We are

The Entrepreneur Team
for entrepreneurs businesses.

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Agile Development

Mobile Apps, API & Back-ends
Agile Continuous Development
MVP Development
Software Maintenance
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Mobile Technologies Coaching
Agile Management: CSPO, CSM
Team Evaluation Framework

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Development Team Training
Best practices in coding mobile apps
Agile practices in development teams
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Nearshore Partner for the Americas
White-box development
Coding Heroes Outsourcing
Software Licensing
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